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The Port of George Town is operated by the Cayman Islands Port Authority, with daily working hours of 1600 to 2400 and 2400 to 0800 for cargo. It is located at position 19.18N and 81.23W. Port traffic in 2003 mainly consisted of cruise ships (73%), followed by cargo ship (24%) and tankers (3%).

The Port of George Town offers a full service to cargo vessels including warehousing facilities for cargo. Fresh water and refuelling facilities are also available to ships. Four anchorages are provided within the port area, and pilotage and tugs are available on request. Anchoring is not allowed on coral anywhere in the Cayman Islands. Stevedoring is typically arranged by a Ship Agent, but this facility is also offered through the Port Authority.

Berthing on the South Pier is 135 meters, with a depth of 3 to 6.6 meters. On the Roll on /Roll off Pier, one ramp is available, and depths of up to 6.6 meters. There are 3 cranes for container handling, and an assortment of container headhandlers/forklifts.

The port handles mainly small container feeder vessels in the range of 500 Teu (twenty foot equivalent units) capacity, as roll on /roll off or lift on /lift off operations. The port handles upwards to 75,000 Teuís per year. In addition bulk cements, vehicles carriers and aggregate vessels are also discharged on a regular basis.

Required documents include: Bills of Lading, Crew List, Cargo Manifest, Ship's Register Safety Certificate, and Clearance from last port.

Cruise ships regularly dock at our port. On any one day, there may be as many as 5, if not more, ships docking on Grand Cayman including the Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, and Holland America Line. For more information on the port schedule please visit the Cayman Islands Port Authority website.