Second Hand Dealers

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"Secondhand Dealer", subject to section 3, of the Second Hand Dealers Law 2014, means any person who, by way of the internet or otherwise -(a) conducts business within the Islands which consists wholly or partly of buying or acquiring secondhand articles for the purpose of trade, sale or exchange or otherwise dealing in secondhand articles, including scrap metal or jewellery.

This Laws applies to all Second Hand Dealers who conduct business within the Islands and contract with persons or entities outside of the Islands to purchase or sell any secondhand articles, including scrap metal or jewellery.

It also covers persons or entities who carry on the business of taking goods and chattels in pawn within the meaning of sections 2 and 3 of the Pawnbrokers Law (1998 Revision) and as an adjunct to the pawnbroking business acquires, exchanges and disposes of secondhand articles including scrap metal and jewellery, whether he is or is not licensed as a secondhand dealer under any Law providing for the licensing of trades or businesses, incorporated under the Companies Law (2013 Revision) or licensed as a pawnbroker under the Pawnbrokers Law (1998 Revision) or operates by virtue of any other Law.