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Homepage > Doing Business > Trade and Business Licensing > Schedule of Fees > Part B. Trade & Business Licensing Fees

TBL maintains an extensive list of fee by business category that while extensive, is not exhaustive. Costs vary depending on where your business falls and general licensing categories include:-

Trade & Business Licenses are not required for:

  • Caymanians who produce and sell agricultural products or cottage industry products, including, for example, jams, jellies, heavy cakes, sauces and thatch work; and
  • any Caymanian who is self-employed and who creates for sale artistic, dramatic, musical or literary works;
  • self-employed Caymanian fishermen; or
  • any corporation or body which satisfies the Board that it has been formed for purposes of social or public welfare, religion, charity, art or science and that it applies its income and profits solely for promoting such purposes and does not permit the payment of any dividends to its members.