Tobacco Licensing

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The Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) is responsible for the processing and licensing of Tobacco Licenses in the Cayman Islands.  Applications for new licenses can be submitted at any time, however all tobacco applications for license renewals must be submitted no later than 1st November annually or late submission fees will be incurred.

All renewal applications submitted between 2nd November and 31st December will attract a late charge fee that is 50% higher than regular renewal rate.

Applications submitted between 1 January and 31st January will incur a late fee of 100% of the regular renewal rate. Any dealer who does not apply for a renewal before 31st January must cease operations for one year before he or she is allowed to submit a new application.

The Tobacco Law (2008) requires dealers to register their tobacco products annually. Failure to comply means that persons are operating illegally, and therefore they are subject to fines or prosecution. Annual registration renewal fees are CI$500 for a retailer; CI$750 for a cigar bar; and CI$5,000 for a wholesale distributor.

The renewal application form must be submitted along with a current trade and business licence certificate, as well as written notification of any changes made since the last registration.

Notable changes include items such as contact information, location, ownership, and trade of products information.