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Public Invited to Take Surveys on Sunday Trading, Daylight Savings Time
Government invites the public to participate in a survey on Sunday Trading, and also a survey on Daylight Savings Time. Both surveys are available in hard copy, at the Trade and Business counter in the Government Administration Building, and also online at The Sunday Trading survey ends Tuesday, 30 September. To take the online survey, visit and click on the link on the right side of the homepage. Meanwhile, the Daylight Savings survey ends Thursday, 30 October. To take this online survey, click on the ‘New Developments’ menu on the homepage. Again, both surveys also are available at the Trade and Business Counter in the Government Administration Building. The consultations are being conducted by the Ministry of Commerce.
PRESS RELEASE: Should Cayman Adopt Daylight Savings Time?
The Cayman Islands Government is considering whether it would be beneficial to adopt Daylight Savings Time (DST) – the practice of adjusting clocks one hour forward during the longer summer months, and back again in the fall – and is inviting the public to give their views on the subject. ‘The move to DST has potential benefits for the traditional pillars of our economy – tourism and financial services’, said Minister of Commerce Wayne Panton.