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Cayman Islands Areas of Investment

Thinking of opening or expanding your business in the Cayman Islands? InvestCayman is connecting Cayman to the world and the world to local businesses

Living in the Cayman Islands

Whether coming as an Investor, to set up a business, or via a Work Permit, there are options to consider when applying for Residency in the Cayman Islands.


Whether on the basis of eight years’ residence; or as a person of independent means, owning property in the beautiful and safe Cayman Islands is one attractive option that presents the opportunity to apply for Permanent Residency. 

Investing in the Cayman Islands

Sustainable. Forward-Thinking. Safe. As a Global Hub for Investment and Innovation, the Cayman Islands is teeming with world-class talent and opportunity. An attractive and dynamic business location with a resilient and dynamic economy, Cayman presents a thriving jurisdiction in which to invest. 

Strong and stable, and with a sustainable and forward-thinking outlook, the government of the Cayman Islands has embarked on a journey to transform and digitize its business environment to become the leading location for investors globally. Whether you own a Family Office or are a Tech Entrepreneur, the Cayman Islands offers an appealing professional open business environment with unrivalled global connections.


open for business, offering world-class infrastructure, leading talent and a thriving economy of a dynamic investment jurisdiction.

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