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Who we are

Who We Are

InvestCayman is the investment facilitation agency of the Cayman Islands Government, responsible for facilitating investment in the Cayman Islands.

The primary mandate of InvestCayman is to stimulate, support and develop world-class and sustainable diversified projects, developments, and enterprises, intended to deliver strong social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits to the Cayman Islands and its people.

Our core purpose is to help transform the Cayman Islands into a globally competitive and sustainable destination, and in doing so, build up equity that the country can leverage for years to come.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a global leader in facilitation services that nurture creative and innovative investments that act as a catalyst for economic and social transformation in the Cayman Islands.

In the pursuit of creative, innovative, and sustainable investments, our mission is to facilitate and retain partnerships, utilising strategic leadership and civic engagement.

Core Values


We keep our partners at the centre of our focus to ensure that we are always delivering a positive experience, regardless of the circumstances.


We see working within existing structures as the best way to achieve success.


Our organisational strategy focuses on outcomes and achievements. We are focused on stretching every colleague to grow and develop, thereby elevating the entire organisation to a place that was previously deemed impossible.

Developing human values

We are fully committed, have a strong sense of intention, and focus on delivering superior long-term performance. We aim for excellence in what we do and ensure that our processes encourage rigorous research, curiosity and continuous learning.


Why InvestCayman

InvestCayman is a strategic guide, mentor, and hands-on operator for potential investors, supported by a deep knowledge of the island's economic and social realities. The agency is a gateway to accessing supportive business environments and government facilities through which interested parties can explore Cayman Island's array of new investment opportunities. The agency is managed by regional investment promotion managers who capitalise on exceptional local knowledge and trusted networks.


  • Promote investment opportunities in the Cayman Islands.

  • Facilitate the development of industries, ventures or enterprises that create employment opportunities, increase exports, reduce imports, or are otherwise beneficial to the economy of the Cayman Islands.

  • Assist other individuals, organisations in the establishment or expansion of any such activities.

  • Undertake product and market development and research either alone or jointly with other persons or organisations.

  • Act as the agent for the Cayman Islands Government on such matters as may be delegated to.

  • Advise on policies that would further trade and investment in the Cayman Islands.

  • Present a coherent impression of a Cayman Island's attractiveness to investors.

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We are dedicated to the continued social transformation and economic diversification of the Cayman Islands. We are committed to identifying and facilitating the right sustainable opportunities for foreign investors through ethical impact investing in the Cayman Islands.

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