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The Cayman Islands offers a vibrant and growing portfolio of investment opportunities across different industries.



Airplane Engine

The Civil Aviation Authority is the regulatory organisation responsible for safety oversight and economic regulation of the aviation industry throughout the territory. It ensures that the jurisdiction’s industry conforms to the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry operates in accordance with legislation similar to that in the UK.


Children in Science Class

The education system in the Cayman Islands boasts an excellent standard, and investors moving to the islands will be pleased to know that the islands have a number of schools to choose from. Education is compulsory from the age of four to 16 for all children and is free to all Caymanian children and those who qualify as residents.

Entertainment & Film

Entertainment & Film cayman islands.jpg

Entertainment and Film companies see the Cayman Islands as a key destination for film and production, especially during the global pandemic. The Cayman Islands Film Commission (CIFC) is the government agency mandated with promoting and developing the Cayman Islands Film Industry.  The Department of Tourism facilitates productions with permitting and licensing and provides creative input from development and pre-production through post-production. The CIFC acts as a liaison between all film/photography producers and all relevant Government agencies.


Financial Services

financial cayman islands.jpg

The Cayman Islands has a well-known and well-respected financial services industry and has earned a place globally among the leading international financial centres.

The financial services industry in the Cayman Islands demonstrates how a jurisdiction can make a leading contribution to fighting global financial crime, protecting itself and strengthening the global economy in the process.


fintech cayman islands.jpg

Financial Technology (FinTech) is one of the most progressive areas of emerging technology that brings together insights and solutions for both financial services and start-ups that are bringing new technology into the industry. At its core, fintech is utilised to help companies, business owners, and consumers in the Cayman Islands better manage their financial operations, processes, and lives by utilising specialised software and algorithms used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones.


Healthcare cayman islands.jpg

Healthcare (regulations, facilities and practitioners) in the Cayman Islands took centre stage in 2020 with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, the country was well-poised for rapid and agile response: with three fully-equipped hospitals, over 200 registered healthcare facilities (including pharmacies, laboratories, physician practices and therapy clinics, alternative medicine clinics etc.), over 500 registered practitioners, and numerous private specialists, all stakeholders in the field came together in an unprecedented manner to help establish and execute on a plan that would result in Cayman becoming one of the few 'COVID-free' countries in the world.

life scine



Insurtech is the emergence of new technologies that are transforming the insurance industry, reducing costs for consumers and insurance companies, improving efficiency, and enhancing customer satisfaction.  Since 1979 when the Insurance Act was first passed in the Cayman Islands, this jurisdiction has become an important centre for international insurance business. The Cayman Islands is the second largest domicile for captives and holds the number one position worldwide for healthcare captives.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences cayman islands investment.jpg

The life sciences industry in the Cayman Islands consists of companies operating in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, biomedical technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, and others that dedicate their efforts to creating products to improve the lives of all.


Maritime cayman islands .jpg

The Maritime Industry is about moving people and goods over the water and this industry has always had a direct impact on much of the everyday lives on those living in the Cayman Islands.  As a leader in the industry, the Maritime Authority offers shipping and maritime service companies safety, stability and security in a tax-neutral, well-managed and business-friendly environment. The Cayman Islands is the number one international register for super yachts, with an estimated 15% of the world fleet of yachts over 30m (100ft). The Cayman Islands has built a community of investors whose aim is to promote marine technology and the industry overall.


Real Estate

The New House

Real Estate in the Cayman Islands is considered one of the safest investments available. The market provides property listings for luxury homes, family homes, Seven Mile Beach condos, and land for development. The Cayman Islands offers a plethora of real estate companies that are knowledgeable and experienced in providing the advice needed to ensure that those investing in property or relocating is carried out as safe and successful as possible.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy cayman islands NEP.jpg

The National Energy Policy (NEP) focuses on utilising renewable energy, promoting energy efficiency and conservation measures, and supporting energy security by reducing reliance on imported fossil-based fuels in the Cayman Islands. It is structured to support a stakeholder vision that articulates the Policy aims in the broadest terms.

Research & Development 

research cayman islands.jpg

Research and Development (R&D) plays a critical role in the innovation process, which is one of the main pillars that drives InvestCayman. 


R&D is an investment in technology and future capabilities which opens the door for new products, processes, and services.  This is an excitingly new area for investors to development from the start, a new industry, in the Cayman Islands.



Technology cayman islands.jpg

The Cayman Islands understands the importance of keeping ahead of change and have developed an industry practice that allows just that. Technology will drive additional investment to the jurisdiction and create new opportunities for the local workforce to develop tech-focused jobs.

Tourism & Hospitality

Ready to Serve

The Tourism Industry in the Cayman Islands is multifaceted and consists of a plethora of tour operators, hotel operators and recreational activity providers. The infrastructure, products and services available allows for investments in the industry to be carried out in a sustainable manner.

Venture Capital

venture capital cayman.jpg

Most private equity and venture capital funds formed in the Cayman Islands utilise the well-developed and widely-understood limited partnership structure (an ELP) that exists pursuant to the Exempted Limited Partnership Law (the ELP Law).  The Cayman Islands possess the experience and knowledge to position organisations and layout the framework for exponential growth and long-term success. 

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