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Ready to set up or expand your business in the Cayman Islands?

How InvestCayman can help you to setup or expand your business

Considering doing business in the Cayman Islands? InvestCayman offers a comprehensive project process to manage investment opportunities in the Cayman Islands. Our process is designed to ensure that projects are managed efficiently, with full compliance with regulations, and in accordance with the Ministry of Investment, Innovation, and Social Development's guidelines.


The project process involves eight steps, including acknowledgement, response, project review, research scope, approval, concierge services, success impact, and evaluation. Each step is executed with utmost attention to detail to ensure that projects deliver maximum value to our clients and the community at large.


Having an issue that you don’t know how to resolve? We can help – just fill out our Contact Us form. We look forward to hearing from you.


Your interactive roadmap to accessing our services

How we prioritize your project at InvestCayman

Concierge Services
Your Dedicated Point of Contact

Measuring Success
Tracking Your Project's Achievements

Swift Response
Our Prompt and Efficient Communication Process

Approval Process
Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Final Evaluation

Continuous Evaluation
Improving Our Service Based on Your Feedback

Project Review
Our Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Project 

Research Scope
Building a Strong Foundation for Your Project


One place to access our latest curated resources and reports about Cayman's growing economy.

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