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Cayman Islands Government Strategic Policy Statement Update

Premier Panton Presents SPS 2024-2026

The Cayman Islands Government has assessed their Strategic Policy Statement and released new Broad Outcomes for 2024-2026. In addition to starting with the Broad and Specific Outcome of the new SPS approach:

  • Demonstrates the Government's work and the expected alignment between and across Ministries;

  • Makes it easier for the public to see and understand the government's priorities;

  • Builds stronger connectivity between the Strategic Policy Statement, the Budget and Delivery, while also tying in Ministry and Portfolio level performance management.

The 5 new Broad Outcomes are:

1. Improve Quality of Life for Caymanians

2. Enhancing Competitiveness While Meeting International Standards

3. Future-Proof to Increase Resiliency

4. Modernising Government and Improving Public Sector Performance

5. Protect and Promote Caymanian Culture, Heritage and Identity

Ultimately, the new format of the SPS document is a component of the Broad Outcome of Modernizing Government. This outcome aims to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the way that government delivers its products and services. By clearly linking policy directives to major budget decisions, the SPS strengthens the connectivity between Budget documents and Performance Management within the public sector. This strategic alignment toward a shared purpose ultimately benefits the government and the community it serves.

“We are here to responsibly improve the quality of life for this and future generations of Caymanians. The Strategic Policy Statement outlines our intended approach over the next budget period to do just that - responsibly improve the quality of life for this and future generations of Caymanians. Our vision is to be renowned as “one of the most sustainable countries in the world: a peaceful, prosperous place where everyone can thrive and live their best life.” – Honourable Premier Wayne Panton

Source: - News | Cayman Islands Government

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