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Celebrating Success at CICBD: The hub for small businesses in the Cayman Islands

Updated: Aug 16

The Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development (CICBD) successfully completed five days of Teenpreneurship Summer Camp from 10-14 July. Nineteen teenagers from 13-17 years old participated in the camp, resulting in a business pitch to a panel of judges on the final day.

The Centre also hosted a completion ceremony for the second cohort of the Business Growth Incubator. The CICBD Business Growth Incubator programme identifies, nurtures and accelerates the development of high-growth potential startups and entrepreneurial talent. The 15-month programme leverages the experience and expertise of highly successful entrepreneurs, professionals and academics to equip our residents with the tools to quickly market products, scale their businesses, build their networks and secure investment. In July, nineteen businesses participated in the programme and received 12 weeks of training, which will be followed by 12 months of consultation/coaching and implementation of the learnt strategies.

The CICBD was established in March 2020 as an agency mandated by the government to support the growth and development of small businesses across the Cayman Islands. Through a long-term relationship-based approach, the CICBD guides small business owners through key strategies for properly managing and growing their businesses by training, coaching and technical support to micro and small Businesses.

CICBD works with enterprises at all stages of the business life cycle. It delivers residential and non-residential business development services – that is, they work with persons who were given office space in our Incubator and persons who have their own office space or operate from home.

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