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CIG Commits to $2.1M For Housing Repairs

Aligning with the Ministry’s commitment to social development, the government has made a significant investment into expanding the existing Housing Repairs Assistance programme.

The Cayman Islands Government (CIG) recently announced that it has committed over CI$2,100,000 to assist with housing repairs.

“I was happy to call a special Caucus meeting today to consider a second Housing Repairs Programme. Keeping Caymanian families safe, secure and comfortable in their homes is a priority of our administration. This approval reflects our commitment to that priority,” said Honourable Acting Premier Juliana O’Connor Connolly.

“We are determined to assist Caymanian families who would not otherwise be able to afford the necessary repairs to maintain a dry, healthy, safe and livable environment for them and their families. I am grateful for Cabinet’s approval of an additional CI$550,000 to expand the existing Housing Repairs Assistance (HRA) programme,” said Hon. Minister Andre Ebanks, responsible for Investment, Innovation and Social Development (MIISD).

The first programme is under the MIISD, and it provides housing repairs assistance to Caymanians who are financially supported by the Government and are either elderly or disabled or who have children who are in need (as per S.19 of the Children Act (2012 Revision)). Since May 2021, the MIISD HRA Programme, in partnership with the R3 Foundation, has repaired 88 homes in Grand Cayman.

Source: CIG News

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