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Deputy Director Julie Campbell Successfully Completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Updated: Aug 16

Last week, the Truman Bodden Law School held its graduation ceremony, attended by family, friends, lecturers, and dignitaries. Graduates received Bachelor of Laws Honours degrees from the University of Liverpool, while others obtained their Professional Practice Certificates. Notably, students from different years were recognized for their achievements, receiving awards from the University of Liverpool Law Association, Chamber of Commerce, O.L Panton Memorial Prize, and the Attorney General’s Trophy for outstanding performance.

Deputy Director Julie Campbell, of InvestCayman, was one of the proud students receiving the prestigious certificates and shared this about her experience, “Obtaining a post-graduate professional certificate in legal studies is like ascending a mountain of knowledge, where each step represents dedication, perseverance, and intellectual growth. With this achievement, one not only gains expertise in the intricacies of the legal field but also unlocks the door to a realm of endless opportunities and the power to shape the course of justice." – Deputy Director Julie Campbell on her recent graduation.

Watch the full news on YouTube:

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