Family Office Fundamentals: Heading Into The Future

Do you know the 5 Investment Focus Areas for InvestCayman? While there are countless industries for potential investment in the Cayman Islands, the InvestCayman team, with the direction of the Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development, have set their sights on five key areas of importance... 

  • Tech

  • Film 

  • Digital Assets

  • ESG

  • Family Offices

In this month's Newsletter, we are discussing Family Offices. Grand Cayman has long been a highly attractive jurisdiction for setting up family offices, and in recent years, many high net worth families have chosen to make the tropical British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean Sea both their home, and their headquarters for their global operations. 

Cayman’s status as a preferred jurisdiction for family offices is based on various factors, such as its successful financial system, the respect for privacy, the stability of its government, and it's warm and safe environment. 

"With changing investment mandates, eager members of the next generation, increased use of offshore structures, and support for the global spread of family members, the modern family office will undoubtedly look much different to the traditional model of years gone by. But, with the innovative and flexible structures offered by offshore jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, and the option of being warmly welcomed into a stable and well-developed jurisdiction by accessible residency programmes... the options for family offices on the path to evolution are both plentiful and robust." -

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