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Hurricane Message 2023 from the Premier Hon. Wayne Panton JP, MP

The Hon. Premier G. Wayne Panton, JP, MP sent out his Hurricane Message 2023 on June 1. He talked about being prepared, staying informed, having a plan, and climate change.

When a hurricane strikes, it can result in various types of financial damage. Some of the key areas of impact include infrastructure damage, including buildings, roads, bridges, and utility systems and the tourism industry as hurricanes can disrupt tourism activities by damaging hotels, resorts, and other tourist facilities. Hurricane damage also increases Government expenses.

The government of the Cayman Islands plays a crucial role in responding to hurricanes and providing assistance to affected communities. It incurs expenses for emergency response, disaster relief efforts, and reconstruction projects. To mitigate the financial impact of hurricanes, the Cayman Islands government invest in disaster preparedness measures, such as early warning systems, hurricane-resistant infrastructure, and contingency plans.

To hear the Hurricane Message 2023, visit the Cayman Islands YouTube channel.

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