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InvestCayman Director Graduates with CSC’s top certification

Updated: Jul 19

InvestCayman Director Jane Scaletta and 11 esteemed colleagues recently completed ILM7, the Cayman Islands Civil Service College’s highest level of accreditation. The City & Guilds International Leadership and Management accredited programme is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum, rigorous standards, and emphasis on developing advanced leadership and management skills.

“I am filled with immense pride in achieving the City & Guilds ILM 7 certification. This remarkable journey has been one of relentless determination and an unwavering commitment to personal growth. The challenges I faced along the way only fueled my passion for excellence, pushing me to transcend boundaries and embrace new horizons. This accomplishment not only signifies my individual triumph but also serves as a testament to the unwavering support and encouragement of my incredible team.” –InvestCayman Director, Jane Scaletta

Last Thursday (22 June 2023), the Civil Service College (CSC) celebrated 11 public servants who have completed the highest level of certification offered by the CSC, the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management.

This ILM Certificate is aimed at our most senior leaders, generally at the Chief Officer, Deputy Chief Officer, Head of Department or Director level. Ten Civil Service senior leaders and one member from the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) completed the certification in February this year. A core part of the programme was to undertake a comprehensive investigation or enquiry in the context of the organisation, ministry, department or team in which the participant works and which supports the Civil Service’s vision of becoming a World-Class Civil Service. The investigation was also an opportunity to assess a development or change initiative which would really make a difference within Government.

The participants worked on their individual enquiries over eight months, after which they presented their findings to their Senior Management team. They also went through a rigorous internal and external verification process. The Civil Service College thanks Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Chief Officer Gloria McField for their continued support of this programme.

  • Dr Richard Wildman, Acting Senior School Improvement Officer

  • Jane Scaletta, Director, InvestCayman

  • Laura Watler, Management Support Advisor, PoCS

  • Lauren Knight, Deputy Chief Officer, PoCS

  • Mark Ray, Director, Dept. of Education Services

  • Oneisha Richards, Director, Dept. of Communications

  • Paul Puckerin, Interim Dean, UCCI

  • Robert Scotland, Commandant, CI Coast Guard

  • Sarah Murphy, Senior Advisor, Strategic Reforms, ODG

  • Stephen Ta’Bois, STEM Specialist, Min. of Education

  • Suzanne Bothwell, Court Administrator & CO, Judicial Administration

Congratulations to the ILM 7 graduates!

The Deputy Governor and the Portfolio of the Civil Service Chief Officer joined CSC representatives to celebrate the latest ILM 7 cohort. Pictured (L-R, back row) are Gloria Mcfield-Nixon, Dr Richard Wildman, Robert Scotland, Oneisha Richards, DG Franz Manderson, Suzanne Bothwell, Sarah Murphy, and Lauren Knight. (L-R, front row) Stephen Ta’Bois, Paul Puckerin, Jane Scaletta, Laura Watler, CSC Deputy Director Monique Malcolm and Senior Learning and Development Administrator Joanna Bond.

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