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InvestCayman Intern graduates as Private Pilot

InvestCayman is proud to announce a significant milestone achieved by one of its former female employees. Ms. Cynthia Hydes, who worked with InvestCayman in 2022, has successfully obtained her private pilot's license.

“It’s been a journey, but I am proud to say I am officially a private pilot. As I continue my journey throughout my aviation career, I know there will be challenges to face but I look forward to proving to myself that I am capable enough. I wish to express my gratitude to the InvestCayman team for being a part of my support system and the continuous mentorship over the last year.”

Cynthia’s commitment to excellence in the workplace is inspiring and has certainly extended to her pursuit of a private pilot's license, highlighting her passion for aviation. The private pilot's license is a testament to Ms. Hyde’s unwavering determination to reach her goals and her willingness to take on new challenges. This achievement serves as an inspiration to women in our industry and beyond, showcasing the limitless potential of individuals who pursue their dreams with dedication.

“It’s been a privilege watching Cynthia thrive doing what she loves. Flying! We know she will continue to make her country, family and all of us proud as she continues on her professional journey as a young woman in the aviation industry.” – Director, Jane Scaletta

We congratulate Ms Hydes on this remarkable achievement and wish her continued success in her aviation endeavours.

Link to Past Cynthia story

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