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InvestCayman meets with Director Cayman Connection

This month, Ashlea Smith recently visited the InvestCayman office to discuss all things Cayman Connection. Taking a break from her studies and visiting from the UK, Director Smith is busy making her rounds meeting with partners and stakeholders in the Cayman Islands. With the goal of building the membership Ashlea and are working to illuminate the brand and organisation and get the word out that Cayman Connection is for all persons connected to Cayman who live abroad no matter where you live!

Cayman Connection is looking to develop its offer for 2023. If you are a business or organisation looking to invest in a Caymankind non-profit and want to give back and support the overseas Caymanian community of students and professionals globally, please contact Ashlea and Cayman Connection.

Anyone wishing for further information, to share ideas, or to make the connection with Ashlea and Cayman Connection, email:

For more information about Cayman Connection:

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