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InvestCayman: The Way Forward

InvestCayman is growing and evolving with an increased focus on Impact Investment opportunities within the Ministry of Innovation, Innovation and Social Development and the Cayman Islands Government. Interested in collaborating or investing in a social development project? Projects or investments seeking government review will go through our new online Project Intake Form. This form enables us to assess the project's feasibility and viability and how it aligns with the latest Cayman Islands Strategic Policy Statement (SPS) and Broad Outcomes to maximize its impact on the local community.

We believe that impact investment can be a powerful tool for positive change, and we are committed to helping our local investors and stakeholders make a difference in the Cayman Islands. Investing in local initiatives stimulates economic growth by providing capital for expansion, innovation and job creation. Your investment could help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) thrive as often these businesses are the backbone of our country. We can also continue to build the Cayman Islands in a sustainable way with interests in renewable energy, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, education programmes and healthcare services. We invite any investors to join us in this important work by registering for our sustainable, social development and community investment opportunities. By registering with InvestCayman, you will receive updates on new investment opportunities that have the potential to make a meaningful impact in the Cayman Islands. To register, please visit our Investor Registration Link.

We are also pleased to announce our refreshed website:

Our website shares information on how you can support our local community with impact investments. Check out our service guide and follow our news and trends through our newsletters.

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