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MIISD Sponsors Second Annual 'Cyber Safe' Conference

The Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development (MIISD) along with its Cyber Security Office was the primary sponsor of a flagship three-day cybersecurity event in the Cayman Islands from 22 to 24 March 2023, along with numerous other Cayman sponsors.

The “Security Bsides Cayman Islands” conference consisted of hands-on workshops, technical and policy discussions, and keynote addresses from high profile cyber security experts including John Hammond, Mari Galloway, Ira Winkler, Marcus Southerden, Len Noe and Paul Ihme. A wide range of private sector, financial services industry and Cayman Islands Government participants attended the workshops and conference.

The Hon. Minister for Investment, Innovation & Social Development, Mr. André Ebanks MP, opened the third day of the event on Friday 24 March, and Ms. Pamela Greene, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of the Cayman Islands Government, participated in a panel discussion on Inclusion and Diversity.

MIISD Acting Chief Officer Ms. Tamara Ebanks stated:

“Cyber security plays an ever-increasing role in the economy and society of the Cayman Islands and globally, and the Cayman Islands Government continues to invest in robust cyber security resources and infrastructure. The Ministry’s sponsorship of this event highlights the Government’s commitment to ensuring a high degree of education and awareness among all ages of digital consumers in the Cayman Islands – and to creating ongoing partnerships with stakeholders in the cyber security arena both here and abroad.”

Ms. Pamela Greene echoed the Acting Chief Officer’s sentiments, saying

“The stark reality is that our professional and everyday lives are and will continue to be permeated by reliance on digital and online services. Similar to the efforts we make during the upcoming hurricane season to be prepared in the Cayman Islands, all organisations and users of technology must continue to play their part in keeping our nation ‘Cyber safe’.”

Ms. Greene continued, “Events like Security Bsides are vital for building our local community awareness and education, and for expanding our global outreach through collaboration with world-leading experts so that we can underline the importance of education, countering cyber-crime and safeguarding our nation from this ever-present threat.”

James McGarvey, Founder of Security BSide Cayman Islands, said,

“Demonstrating their unwavering dedication to the cyber security community, each speaker and panellist facilitated their own participation in BSides Cayman. We are immensely grateful for the outstanding presentations, engaging workshops, thought-provoking conversations, and authentic camaraderie they provided, which played an integral role in the resounding success of the second Security Bsides Cayman Islands event.”

Source: Gov.KY

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