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Minimum Wage Opens Public Consultation

Updated: Jul 19

The Minimum Wage Advisory Committee (MWAC) is seeking the public’s feedback on the country’s next national minimum wage. From 20 June to 31 July 2023, the public is asked to give feedback by completing an online survey on Survey Monkey to share their thoughts and concerns.

The MWAC comprises 16 members representing employers, employees and community members, including youth and the Sister Islands, and meets weekly since convening on 25 January 2023. The MWAC continues to collect and review the necessary data, which they will consider when recommending in a report due to Cabinet by 30 September.

Community town hall meetings are also in the works and will be announced as soon as arrangements are finalised. Printed surveys will be available at the district public libraries after 4 July.

Chairman Lemuel Hurlston states, “We encourage the public to give us feedback on this important topic. The data we gather will assist us in making the best possible recommendations for the Cayman community as a whole.”

Persons can complete the survey by visiting the Ministry of Border Control and Labour web page or by clicking HERE. To keep updated on the public consultation campaign, like and follow us on Facebook at Minimum Wage Cayman and Instagram at @minimumwageky. The MWAC can also be contacted via email at

Source: CIG News

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