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Premier’s New Year Message

The Premier of the Cayman Islands, Honourable Wayne Panton shared his New Year’s Message in this encouraging speech via the Cayman Islands Government YouTube channel. In this excerpt, he speaks to why the Cayman Islands is in a fortunate position and a great place to live and do business.

“Let us take a moment to count our blessings and truly appreciate what we have in these three islands. We have a beautiful natural environment. We have intelligent and talented people. We have a concentration of capital. We are relatively safe. We have a reputation as a leader and best-in-class service provider. We have the rule of law. We have an incredibly strong judicial bench.

We have the financial wherewithal. An almost destined geographical positioning. We have fixed exchange rates. A generally peaceful, calm and orderly society. We have caring committed citizens who look out for each other, men and women who care about their community.

We have children and young people who are committed to excellence and succeeding on the world stage. We have a premium tourism product and the benefit of our own national airline. A thriving, sophisticated financial services industry. We are successfully diversifying our economy with healthcare and tech. Creating new and good jobs. We have an excellent reputation around the world as a country known for its leadership and commitment to excellence, and professionalism.”

Source: CIG YouTube

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