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Private Sector Partners with NPO to Invest in Social Development

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Could purpose built ‘tiny homes’ be part of the solution to providing shelter for families in need? Local charity, Cayman Acts of Random Kindness (ARK), believes that they can. The non-profit has a growing waiting list of families needing urgent repairs to make their homes secure.

Image from @CaymanCompass | Stephen and Janice Trusty outside their new home, which was the first such project for ARK in Cayman.

One of them, Marva Bodden, has been living in a converted shipping container since her wood home in George Town was burnt beyond repair following an electrical fire in 2020. Now ARK has partnered with 1503 Property Group to build her a new ‘tiny home’ on the site. Planning permission has been granted for the 536-square-foot home, based on a template design that the charity hopes to replicate all over the island.

Source: Cayman Compass YouTube

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