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Protecting Your IP Rights

We have all heard the saying, “Time is money” but what about your ideas? That’s where Intellectual Property comes in. Whether the creation of the mind like an invention or literary and artistic works or unique names and images used in commerce, protecting your intellectual property is an investment into your future.

It doesn’t matter if you're a small family business or an established corporation that's been trading for decades, recognising and protecting your intellectual property (IP) is critical to protecting the time, money, reputation, and effort you put into your business.

The InvestCayman team met with Director of CIIPO, Ms. Candace Westby, to learn more about the services offered through their department and were impressed at the ease and timeliness of their various processes. Aligning with UK Laws and standards as of 2016, the Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office does a lot more than meets the eye.

From trademarking to copyrighting, intellectual property laws protect the expression of your ideas and hard work and ensure you are paid and/or credited for them. From your one-of-a-kind business process or event logo to your digital assets and creative content, Cayman’s intellectual property standards are on par with world-renowned IP opportunities that make it easy to invest in yourself and your future. Which intellectual property right do you need to protect? Fill out this short form to determine your next step and visit the CIIPO Website to learn all about Cayman’s IP opportunities, laws, and benefits.

By Hollie Whitelocke

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