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World Intellectual Property Day to be Observed and Celebrated in Cayman

Around the world, 26 April is observed annually as World Intellectual Property Day (WIPD). This year, the Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office (CIIPO) will host several events throughout April to educate the public about intellectual property rights, as well as celebrate Cayman’s creative minds.

“World Intellectual Property Day celebrates inventors, innovators and creatives, whose bright minds have enriched our hearts, made life easier and more convenient, and contributed to thriving, stable economies,” said CIIPO Director Candace Westby.

“For the CIIPO team, the month-long IP observance gives us opportunities to meet persons who believe they have a brand, design, product or invention that should be protected. We’re looking forward to helping them capitalise on their creativity by helping them understand what IP is, and how CIIPO can help them.

During April, CIIPO will offer Zoom and in-person workshops geared toward musicians, songwriters, inventors, authors, software creators, designers, filmmakers, graphic artists, painters, photographers and other types of creatives who want to learn more about how to protect their work, gain recognition for their innovation and perhaps benefit financially. Workshop topics include copyright and social media; trademarks; and how CIIPO can help individuals safeguard their creations. Persons will also be able to meet with CIIPO’s licensed patent and trademark agents.

The 2023 theme for WIPD is Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity, and women will feature heavily in the activities planned by CIIPO. Intellectual property (IP) is a creation of the mind. It includes inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, and names and images used in business. CIIPO was established in May 2016 to register IP, because some IP rights need to be recorded as part of its legal protection. In 2022, CIIPO saw the highest level of trademark protection in the country ever (568). In addition to trademarks, that year there were 207 registrations for patents (i.e., inventions); and 14 registrations for design rights, which cover the look and shape of creations.

In a nod to this year’s theme of women and IP, the workshops will all be led by women professionals in the IP sector. There also are plans to honour various women entrepreneurs and inventors in Cayman.

“Cayman’s IP sector is vibrant and it’s growing,” said the Hon. André Ebanks, Minister for Financial Services and Commerce. “Both local and international businesses have demonstrated their confidence in our ability to safeguard their brands by registering their inventions and designs here in the Cayman Islands.

“Our goal for the WIPD activities is to encourage more creatives and innovators to protect their legacy lawfully, as well as highlight the contributions women have made, and continue to make, in the country's IP sector. We look forward to engaging and educating the public.”

The public can register via the CIIPO website for these free events.

  • Tuesday, 4 April at 4 pm – Intellectual Property | The Basics (VIA ZOOM)

  • Tuesday, 11 April at 4 pm – Copyright and social media (VIA ZOOM)

  • Tuesday, 18 April at 4 pm – All about trademarks (VIA ZOOM)

  • Monday, 24 April at 4 pm – Musicians and Intellectual Property – Government Administration Building

  • Wednesday, 26 April – 11 am to 2 pm – Intellectual Property Lunch & Learn for Women

For more information about CIIPO and local activities planned for World Intellectual Property Day, visit, call 946-7922 or email

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