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Why the Cayman Islands

A Sophisticated and Dynamic Modern Jurisdiction.

The Cayman Islands offers the world-class infrastructure, world-leading talent and thriving economy of a dynamic investment jurisdiction. This is a chic, modern, centre of excellence and efficiency, with unrivalled global connections. 

We rival far larger, more populous, countries with best in class education, health and public services. Every day, we work to set a new standard for the Caribbean, and the world.

Pioneering Financial Centre 

We are a world-leading, tax-neutral financial centre and so much more.

  • Professional open business environment

  • Competitive tax-neutral environment

  • Largest captive insurance centre in the world

  • World’s leading domicile for offshore hedge funds

  • A top jurisdiction for Alternative Investment Funds

  • A top source of FDI for countries in the world

  • More than 50% of all superyachts are registered in the Cayman Islands.

  • Incentives and concessions via our special economic zone (SEZs)

World-class Legal Framework

Resilient, refined and smart, the Cayman Islands is a global financial, healthcare and innovation hub built on world-class governance, efficient regulation, careful stewardship, and founded on British Common Law.

Curious and Enterpreneurial

Bold, ambitious, curious and entrepreneurial, we are an outward-looking, horizon seeking, global community. Just like our seafaring ancestors, we love to lead the way, explore new opportunities and make a positive contribution.


There are few places in the world more open to innovation and creativity while being a catalyst for global economic growth and prosperity.

"We are a global community of people who work hard, think big and focus on progress. We want people to succeed, so we support ambition, attract and nurture talent, and
welcome people with vision"

The Honorable André Ebanks, MP

Minister of Investment, Innovation & Social Development.

From Cayman Finance

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